20th February

Just odds and ends of note everywhere today, with the presence of a fair bit of rain in the Channel killing any chance of there being much in the way of passerine arrivals. Ferrybridge and Portland Harbour came up with most of the variety, with the Pale-bellied Brent and a Knot at the former and 12 Black-necked Grebes, a Black-throated Diver and an Eider at the latter; a Common Buzzard overhead there was also of interest, whilst 1 of the Black Redstarts remained at Portland Castle. Regulars at the Bill included 5 Purple Sandpipers, a Black Redstart and a Blackcap, whilst the seawatching there was sufficiently slow for one observer that he took the trouble to count Shags - the resultant tally of 57 in 100 minutes being a more impressive return than had been thought likely.