8th March

In an even brisker easterly visible passage continued apace, with sample counts of Meadow Pipits through along West Cliffs (226 in two hours mid-morning and later 354 in the hour either side of midday) suggesting that with fuller coverage their day total would have been well up into four figures; the other usual suspects were represented but none reached even double figure totals during the sample counts. Grounded arrivals were well spread if not particularly varied: an Avocet that dropped in at Ferrybridge was the pick of the bunch but the season's first Goldcrest at the Bill and a good scatter of new Stonechats (including 11 at Ferrybridge alone) and Chiffchaffs ensured there a fair bit to look at everywhere. For the most part sea passage was a dead loss although a Long-tailed Duck lingering off Chesil did provide the watchers there with a decent reward.

Always a tricky bird to catch up with at Portland: historically, mid-March is as good a time as any to jam in on a passing Avocet © Pete Saunders:

Talking of jamming in, what were the chances of us getting a French control out of only six Chiffchaffs handled so far this spring? © Martin Cade: