6th December

Portland Bill Red-throated Diver 9w, Common Scoter 2w, Merlin 1, Redwing 15, Chiffchaff 1, Brambling 1.

After nearly three decades of absence Portland's been recolonised by Tawny Owl(s) even if it's not been at all clear how many individuals have been involved or whether there's yet been a breeding attempt during their three years of presence. Mark Cutts and Verity Hill are undertaking an owl survey of the island this winter and very quickly came across this individual that looks to be holding a territory in the Grove Stadium area - hopefully their continuing fieldwork will shed further light on the current situation. We're sure that everyone else already knows that Tawny Owls hoot in flight but we hadn't realised that until we were watching this bird with the thermal camera as it flew back and forth between its favoured song perches © Martin Cade: