14th June

Important announcement for PBO members: in the light of this evening's Government announcement concerning a delay in the easing of lockdown restrictions we will be unable to hold this year's AGM on Saturday 3rd July as a physical meeting, instead the meeting will be held in virtual form via the Zoom video conferencing app. An agenda and details of how to join the meeting are available HERE.

You couldn't have asked for a nicer day: the sun was shining and the breeze provided just enough chill to stop the heat becoming unbearable. Obviously it would be too much to ask for there to be a slew of good birds two days on the trot so we made do with the little trickle of migrants we could find. Those included a Spotted Flycatcher each at Culverwell and Old Hill, as well as a Chiffchaff at the former and two singing Blackcaps around the Obs area. The rest of the day was spent admiring the local breeders with an excellent show of Kittiwakes in the West Cliff sea bird colony - the onomatopoeic calls sounded all the more magical given their absence over the past few years. 

The moth-traps can often be relied on to provide some interest when we're struggling for birds at this time of year, with quite a few local specials now on the wing including Portland Ribbon Wave and Thyme Pug © Debby Saunders:

The Little Tern colony at Ferrybridge is also a hive of action right now, with the shoreline there often also attracting a selection of gulls and waders displaced from the mudflats by the inevitable human activity in this warm weather...

...amongst the terns, three 'outsiders' are currently in residence - two from Irish colonies and this one 'PPF' that was ringed in the Gronnant colony in north Wales © John Dadds (photos taken under NE licence):