27th March

In a surprisingly buffeting westerly passerine migration remained at a very low ebb and even the sea couldn't salvage much in the way of respectability for the day. As a telling example of just how quiet it's become on the land not a single new bird was mist-netted at the Obs in several hours of trying during the morning, with the wider island only a little more rewarding: the 4 Black Redstarts and 3 Firecrests scattered about the south of the island were all long term lingerers, whilst new arrivals included low single figure totals of Wheatear, Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Willow Warbler on the ground and a couple of single Swallows through overhead. Nine Red-throated Divers and a lone Sandwich Tern through off the Bill were as good as it got on the sea.

The lack of migrants at least allows close attention to be given to those that are about, amongst which they don't get much better looking than the fine male Wheatears © Geoff Orton: