1st November

Weather wise it was a better day than expected with much less rain than predicted, however, the wind remained unrelenting and the days tally remained low as a result. Highlights on the sea were limited to singles of Bonxie and Sooty Shearwater, whilst low counts of the usual wintering waders (Turnstone and Purple Sandpiper) were at the Bill. Throughout this spell of weather we have been anticipating the arrival of Leach's Petrel at the Cove, and today that finally occurred accompanied by a lone Grey Phalarope and a Red-throated Diver

The Rosy Starling has really made itself at home, nearing its 50th day © Debby Saunders:

A couple of colour-ring readings at Ferrybridge yielded a Mediterranean Gull from the Czech Republic © Pete Saunders, and a pair of Brent Geese - last sighted at Ferrybridge two years ago - that breed in the far north of Canada © Debby Saunders: