6th June

Another day saved by a Rosy Starling, with at least one of the recent birds still about - although never easy to catch up with - at Southwell. Persistent fog hampered migrant-hunting but 3 Reed Warblers were new arrivals around the south of the island where a Sand Martin could plausibly even be the first departing summer migrant.

This character went to extreme lengths to avoid the £10 charge to make use of the pretty grim sanitary conditions we've heard prevail in at least one of the pop-up campsites at the Bill - and even then he doesn't look best pleased with his decision. Seriously though, this sort of activity is just the latest example of the utter disregard for the natural world shown by so many visitors to Portland - we're guessing this guy thinks he's in some way connecting with nature but, as is so often the case, it's on his terms so he's turned a blind eye to the fact that he's right on the edge of a restricted section of cliff - the restriction is well-publicised in local climbing guides - and ignored the evidence of his own eyes that he's patently disturbing a seabird breeding colony © Pete Saunders: