22nd June

We've today taken delivery of our latest report and will be mailing copies to members before long - if you happen to call in at the Obs during the next few days do please pick up your copy to save us the postage costs. 

Strong winds and rain overnight continued through the morning resulting in the most disappointing moth night for some time. However, the rain appeared to down a few bits and pieces in the bird line with a nice highlight in the form of a Turtle Dove in the Southwell gardens; other migrants included a Cuckoo at the Privet Hedge, a Siskin at the Obs, a lingering Spotted Flycatcher in Culverwell and 2 Curlews through on the sea. The morning rain also saw a small displacement of Swifts with over 50 overhead at the Bill.

Birder's gardens at Southwell are always a magnet for late spring Turtle Doves and today's bird paid its respects to two of them © Nick Stantiford (top) and Debby Saunders (bottom):