21st June

With rain falling pretty well constantly from before dawn until after dusk it was a painfully long longest day of the year and one that produced no worthwhile bird sightings.

After the slow start to the year moth interest has improved considerably this month; we've mentioned the addition of Sloe Pug to the island list and the last couple of nights have produced two more additions: Black-speckled Groundling Carpatolechia proximella from the Obs traps and Oak Marble Lobesia reliquana trapped by Paul Parsons at Church Ope Cove; proximella is a quite widespread moth but with foodplants of alder and birch it seems much more likely to have strayed here than to be a hitherto undiscovered resident; reliquana is usually an oak feeder but blackthorn is given as an alternative foodplant and since Paul trapped two individuals it seems a lot more likely that it's established in the Church Ope area © Martin Cade (proximella) and Paul Parsons (reliquana):