31st July

Here marks the last post of July, and we were thinking an early night was on the cards with a short post detailing the rather uninspiring list of todays sightings, that thought was curtailed with the realization that yet again, July has come up with without doubt the most spectacular bird so far this year. Just a brief look back at the last 15 years reveals July's rich heritage for star birds...
Syke's Warbler 1st July 1999 © Martin Cade
Eastern Olivaceous Warbler 4th July 2000 © Martin cade
So this year with no more than a cursory glance through the telescope, July has again etched itself into the history books with yet another exceedingly rare bird...
Black-browed Albatross - off Portland Bill, 5th July 2014 © Martin Cade
Although for us it was truly spectacular, especially for the second observer who'd just arrived from a night out! for others it was one of those stomach churning moments upon reading the log they wish they'd not woken up and it was all just a dream.
unfortunately to end July 2014 we can only report a small number of migrants, Willow Warblers only just crept over 30 today, their numbers considerably lower than the few days previous and singles of Redstart, Wheatear and Long-tailed Tit made the log at the Bill. 15 Common Scoter, 2 Yellow-legged Gulls, and singles of Whimbrel and Mediterranean Gull past through on the sea.
Overnight moth migration slumped again and interest was limited to one each of Dog's Tooth and Webb's Wainscot, A Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet was trapped at Southwell the previous night.
Dog's Tooth and Webb's Wainscot - Portland Bill 31 July 2014 © Joe Stockwell