12th July

Fieldwork opportunities were curtailed by it being AGM day but there was still a fair list from the Bill that included 50 Sand Martins and a Yellow Wagtail overhead, a new Lesser Whitethroat at the Obs and 25 Manx Shearwaters, 14 Common Scoter and singles of Balearic Shearwater, Whimbrel and Sandwich Tern through on the sea; another new Lesser Whitethroat showed up at Southwell.

Moth dispersal picked up overnight, with notable records of singles of Bulrush Veneer Calamotropha paludella and Double-lobed at the Obs, Fen Wainscot at Reap Lane, European Corn-borer, Hoary Footman at Sweethill, Four-spotted Footman at Weston and Southern Wainscot at the Grove, along with signs of a continuing influx of Mottled Marble that included 14 at the Obs; more routine fare included 8 Diamond-back Moth and 2 Dark Sword Grass at the Obs.