8th February

In nice quiet conditions the Hume's Warbler reappeared at Thumb Lane on a couple of occasions during the morning. The only other reports were of 4 wandering Long-tailed Tits showing up at the Obs, several Short-eared Owls still about at the Bill, 7 Red-throated Divers through on the sea there, a Pale-bellied Brent Goose at Ferrybridge and a Great Northern Diver in Portland Harbour.

Having jammed straight in on the Hume's Warbler when we first looked for it this morning we returned there later with the idea of trying to get some video of it but waited fully two hours without sight or sound of it  - it certainly doesn't seem to be an easy bird © Martin Cade:

Although often extremely creepy, the bird's very vocal - we get the impression that if it isn't audible when you're looking for it then it really isn't anywhere nearby:

Not that we're complaining but for the second afternoon running we had a Short-eared Owl decide to pitch right in front of us as if asking to be videoed © Martin Cade: