27th September

Heavily overcast skies and a spell of light rain around dawn looked to have halted passage instead of dropped new arrivals and it was again very quiet everywhere today. The Obs Quarry Wryneck continued to draw in a steady stream of watchers and the Haylands Rosy Starling was reported from time to time but, save for an arrival of several new Dunnocks at the Bill and an increase in Dark-bellied Brent Geese at Ferrybridge, one of yesterday's Firecrests lingering on at the Obs was about as good as it got for other migrants.

Despite the temperature creeping up it was too windy overnight to have expected much reward from the moth-traps and the immigrant totals at the Obs consisted of just 22 Rush Veneer, 10 Rusty-dot Pearl, 2 Silver Y and singles of Convolvulus Hawk-moth, Dark Sword Grass and Pearly Underwing.

Thanks to the efforts of Tim Ridgers-Steer and his friends who were trying their hand at some ringing away from the Obs we got to have a close look at this very nice juvenile Common Sandpiper today (it was caught during attempts to catch Rock Pipits along East Cliffs); probably not surprisingly, this is only the seventh Common Sand ever ringed by PBO: