23rd September

A pretty perfect calm, sunny day to be out birding and although it was too fine for there to have been decent fall of migrants there was still a decent spread to get amongst. The day's quality again came in the form of the Obs Quarry Wryneck and the Haylands Rosy Starling, both of which remained about. Meadow Pipits filled the sky for a while after dawn, whilst on the ground the likes of 50 Chiffchaffs and 40 Blackcaps made up the bulk of numbers at the Bill where typical mid-autumn fare like Stonechats, Robins and Dunnocks have now become a lot more conspicuous. Waders at Ferrybridge included 21 Bar-tailed Godwits, a Grey Plover and a Sanderling.

Rather unexpectedly given the clear, cool night, immigrant moth numbers perked up noticeably, with 87 Rush Veneer, 6 each of Rusty-dot Pearl and Dark Sword Grass, 5 Silver Y, 2 each of Diamond-back Moth and Convolvulus Hawk-moth, and singles of Olive-tree Pearl, Pearly Underwing and Delicate made up the tally from the Obs traps

The Barn Owl was once again showing very well at times at the Bill © Simon Craft