24th June

With nothing of note bar the Hooded Crow (which was reported from the Bill early in the morning) on the land it was left to a few odds and ends on the sea off the Bill to provide the bulk of the day's sightings; these included 49 Common Scoter, 40 Manx Shearwaters, 6 commic terns, 3 Mediterranean Gulls and 2 Sandwich Terns.

Immigrants/wanderers in the Obs garden moth-traps included 17 Rusty-dot Pearl, 5 Diamond-back Moth, 2 each of  Dark Sword Grass, Cream-bordered Green Pea and Dark Spectacle and singles of Blotched Marble Endothenia quadrimaculana, Delicate and Miller.

Puffin - Portland Bill, 24th June 2014 © Pete Saunders
...we don't often bother to mention the Puffins once they've settled in but they are still about, with the highest count so far this summer being just 4.
Also the first of a selection of catch-up photos; this Crescent Bell Epinotia bilunana caught three nights ago at Sweethill was a first for Portland (photo © Debby Saunders):