22nd August

Not great change in the weather and, at least when it came to the day's highlight, no great change in the birding with 2 Melodious Warblers at Culverwell - a new arrival together with yesterday's bird retrapped - providing the quality. With the exception of Ringed Plovers that continued to hover around the 200 mark at Ferrybridge, commoner migrants remained inexplicably thinly spread: most that might be expected did make the log but numbers were low and variety didn't beyond the level of the likes of 15 Tree Pipits, 9 Yellow Wagtails, a Greenshank, a Garden Warbler and a Pied Flycatcher at the Bill, a Redstart at Barleycrates Lane and 5 Common Sandpipers and a Greenshank at Ferrybridge. After yesterday's mini rush Balearic Shearwaters were reduced to a trickle of just 17 through off the Bill, where 98 Kittiwakes and a Little Gull represented the best of the rest.

If yesterday's Melodious Warbler was a bit of a dazzler, today's newcomer took subdued to another level with the yellow wash to the underparts reduced to the most subtle of skims © Martin Cade:

Both Common Sandpiper and Greenshank have been well-represented just lately and that momentum was maintained at Ferrybridge this morning © Pete Saunders:

Visitors to our social media feeds will have noticed that we recently joined the burgeoning Motus wildlife tracking network - check out the Motus website for an overview of  this international collaborative project. A big thanks to Alan Shuttleworth and Fiona Mathews who very kindly undertook the far from straightforward installation of the receiving antennae and associated paraphernalia and the commissioning of the system © Martin Cade: