25th September

Something of a repeat of yesterday although with the wind a little lighter grounded numbers were correspondingly lower even if variety was perhaps a tad improved. Once again, Balearic Shearwaters weren't put off by the offshore breeze and staged another decent movement off the Bill.

Portland Bill
Migrants Meadow Pipit 1000n, Swallow 400n, House Martin 250n, Linnet 75n, alba wagtail 50n, Blackcap 50, Chiffchaff 50, Wheatear 10, Goldcrest 5, Redstart 4, Spotted Flycatcher 3, with other totals including singles of Golden Plover, Turtle Dove, Reed Warbler, Firecrest and Redpoll 
Sea passage Gannet 472e, auk spp 228e 98w, Balearic Shearwater 132 e 8w, Common Scoter 26w 12e, Teal 13w, Dark-bellied Brent Goose 6w, Arctic Skua 1w.

Selected immigrants Obs: Turnip 11, Pearly Underwing 9, Rusty-dot Pearl 8, Rush Veneer 5, Delicate 4, White-speck 2, Silver Y 2, Diamond-back 1, Convolvulus Hawkmoth 1, Hummingbird Hawkmoth 1, Dark Sword grass 1. Grove: Convolvulus Hawkmoth 1.

After last year's disaster it's gratifying to start to come across migrant Goldcrests pretty widely around the island - numbers aren't up to much just yet but it's still early in the season and there have already been umpteen more than in the whole of last autumn © Martin Cade: