25th May

Portland Bill
Manx Shearwater c400etc, Balearic Shearwater 1w, Sooty Shearwater 1e, Storm Petrel 1e, Merlin 1n, Arctic Skua 1e, Spotted Flycatcher 1.

Dunlin 21, Sanderling 23.

Although Manx Shearwaters have been daily offshore for many weeks their numbers have for the most part been on the low side; as often happens, today's stiffer blow brought with it a conspicuous arrival of birds coming in from the west during the afternoon although most of these had moved on or dispersed further offshore by the evening © Martin Cade

We've been keeping an eye out for nectaring Striped Hawkmoths around the Obs patio since the beginning of their current influx and were finally rewarded this evening © Martin Cade: