10th September

Really pleasant birding conditions saw plenty of variety uncovered today even if generally numbers were on the low side. A confiding Lapland Bunting was an increasingly infrequently recorded highlight at the Bill where the Wryneck remained and the likes of a Hobby and the season's first Short-eared Owl provided further interest. A Curlew Sandpiper at Ferrybridge was another autumn first, with 2 Greenshank a further bonus there. It was slow on the numbers front, particularly overhead where it was conspicuously quiet for Meadow Pipits and other expected mid-season fare.

We sometimes wonder if the Lapland Bunting occurrence pattern is as related to climate change as it is to other factors: once a pretty routine autumn bird at Portland, they've become infrequent enough as to be easily missable in most recent years. As is often the case with grounded individuals, today's bird was fantastically confiding © Malcom Tait & Kiera Chapman:

Curlew Sandpipers also haven't been straightforward to catch up with in recent autumns so today's Ferrybridge bird was a welcome sight © Pete Saunders:

One or two Bar-tailed Godwits are still a daily sight at Ferrybridge © Pete Saunders:

A couple of commoner migrants from recent days - Wheatear © Pete Saunders...

...and Whinchat © Geoff Orton:

And a Small Copper from today © Geoff Orton: