28th June

Not a lot to enliven the summer doldrums today, with a continuing blasting northeasterly hindering the birding on the land. A few Swifts and Sand Martins were passing through into the wind but the only other reports from the Bill were from the sea, with 7 Little Terns and a Teal of particular note. The Ferrybridge Dunlin tally jumped to 18, with 2 Shelduck and a Whimbrel also there.

Inaction on the bird front has at least been compensated for by a pretty good week for mothing in the prevailing hot weather. Local specials like Portland Ribbon Wave have been regular visitors to some of the moth-traps (our two Grove traps attracted a garden record total of 15 on Tuesday night) © Debby Saunders:

Rare immigrants haven't really been a feature, with this Blair's Mocha at the Obs being about the best on offer...

...but there's been plenty of dispersal afoot, with Grey Arches, Heather Knot-horn Pempelia palumbella and White-barred Knot-horn Elegia similella just a few of a good variety of infrequently-recorded strays making it out the Obs © Martin Cade: