20th June

An announcement for PBO members that this year's AGM will take at the Obs on Saturday 16th July; an agenda can be viewed here.

After a complete wash-out of a morning it did at least clear up enough to allow for limited coverage during the afternoon. The sea came up with most of what little was on offer, with a trickle of Manx Shearwaters, an Arctic Skua and a very unseasonable Black-throated Diver through off the Bill; the long-staying Short-eared Owl was the only bird of note on the land.

Greenish Warbler, Grey Seal, Painted Lady and Sea Clover - Portland, 18th/19th June 2016 © John Martin

...many thanks to John for this nice little selection of photos from the weekend - the nationally scarce Sea Clover was carpeting the 'Great Spotted Cuckoo paddocks' at Reap Lane.