11th September

Whatever it is that we've been doing wrong just lately we clearly didn't correct it today, with the migrant tally its poorest so far this month. There really wasn't anything noteworthy on the ground or overhead, with few if any of the routine species even managing a double-figure total. A tiny bit more of interest offshore included 26 Balearic Shearwaters and an Arctic Skua, with a further skua that looked likely on a subliminal view to have been a Long-tailed escaping being clinched as the observers had been lulled by the soporific proceedings into inattentiveness.

It's a shame the birding hasn't been as rewarding as the mothing. The varied and numerous selections of migrant moths making their way into the traps each night have provided compelling interest, with last night's highlight another Echium Leaf-miner - this one was from the Obs garden © Martin Cade: