3rd March

Hardly a deluge of interest today but a Hooded Crow that showed up at the Bill was a surprise and a Firecrest at Suckthumb Quarry was an on-cue migrant arrival (...assuming it was an arrival and not a previously un-noticed winterer - has anyone actually birded Suckthumb since last November?). A few new thrushes were also in evidence, with 7 Redwings at Suckthumb and another single at the Bill, whilst Blackbirds certainly looked to be more numerous than they have been lately. The sea came up with the usual 30 Common Scoter along with 4 passing Red-throated Divers

A Hummingbird Hawkmoth was on the wing at Ferrybridge.

At first glance the Hooded Crow looked to be a pretty clean-looking bird...

...but closer inspection of some of the photographs does suggest that the under tail coverts aren't as clean as they should be: they're unhelpfully hidden or shaded most of the time but it looks as though there are the odd darker blotches present that arouse suspicion that the bird isn't entirely pure; better views/clearer photographs of this area would be helpful. 

The flight photographs show all sorts going on by way of pigment and/or growth bar issues that suggest it's the same individual as one present in January and February in east Devon. Many thanks to Mike Langman for sharing his thoughts on this bird © Martin Cade: