14th January

Little Auk's a bird that's been on the cards throughout this very turbulent winter but, sad to relate, when one did finally show up it wasn't bobbing about in Chesil Cove as might have been hoped but grounded at Ferrybridge where it quickly fell victim to the attention of the local crows. The only other newcomers today were a surprise Goosander overflying Portland Harbour - where there were also 7 Great Northern Divers, 4 Black-necked Grebes and a Black-throated Diver - and a Fieldfare at Portland Castle. Otherwise, just a few of the other regulars on show: single Black Redstarts at Chesil Cove and Easton, the Cetti's Warbler at the Bill and at least 40 Common Scoter still offshore there.

It rarely ends well for storm-driven Little Auks that find themselves ashore and, sadly, the crows had already got to today's bird before it could be rescued © Debby Saunders:

Although we've handled a few dead or moribund Little Auks before you always forget just how super, super small they are - literally just a palmful...

...and a bit more detail: