24th August

With fog still rolling in and out at the Bill there weren't high hopes on the migrant front but in the event both numbers and variety were up a little on yesterday. 

Portland Bill
Migrants Wheatear 15, Willow Warbler 15, Whitethroat 12, Tree Pipit 5, Sedge Warbler 4, Pied Flycatcher 3, Spotted Flycatcher 2, singles of Ringed Plover, Whimbrel, Snipe, Green Sandpiper, Turnstone, Yellow Wagtail, Whinchat and Lesser Whitethroat.
Sea passage Balearic Shearwater 30w, Lesser Black-backed Gull 29s, Common Scoter 13w, Arctic Skua 2w, Great Skua 1w.

Pied Flycatcher 1.

Sanderling 3, Knot 2.

Selected immigrants Obs: Rusty-dot Pearl 80, Rush Veneer 73, Delicate 2, Hummingbird Hawkmoth 1, Dark Sword Grass, Bordered Straw 1, Silver Y 1. Cheyne Weares: Olive-tree Pearl 1, Convolvulus Hawkmoth 1.