3rd January

BOOKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT Back in December we posted a message regarding our plans for a wholesale change of direction with our bookshop and have now got the bit between our teeth with this project. We contacted everyone that we believed still had stock in the shop for sale on a commission basis and several folk got in touch regarding putting their books aside for later collection; if you haven't got in touch but wish us to put your books aside please let us know by the end of this week at the latest or we'll assume that you don't want them. Sad to relate, it's looking like an awful lot of the secondhand stock we have left is all but unsaleable 'rubbish' so it will end up in a skip rather than stay on the shelves for another ten years, however, if you want your books do let us know now!

Portland Bill Common Scoter 3etc, Purple Sandpiper 5, Chiffchaff 1.

Easton Jay 2, Brambling 1.

Chesil Cove Black Redstart 1.

Portland Harbour Red-throated Diver 1, Black-throated Diver 1, Black-necked Grebe 4, Gannet 1, Pale-bellied Brent 1, Goosander 1, Kittiwake 1, Razorbill 6, Guillemot 1.

Black-throated Diver and Goosander at Portland Harbour © Pete Saunders:

Purple Sandpiper at the Bill © Geoff Orton:

And gleaned from a local Facebook page news of both Jay and Brambling in a garden at Easton today (...makes you wonder what else might be lurking out of view in private gardens!) © Joanna Dolbear: