15th August

 A fog-bound and heavily damp morning brought little in the way of enthusiasm to the early proceedings of the day. As the weather began to clear through, it was with reluctance that we opened some nets and began emptying the moth traps. It was clear that there had been no falls of autumn migrants as seen along other parts of the coast so it was exceedingly surprising that the only bird of the day trapped was a Melodious Warbler just before lunch. Other migrants were few and far between with just singles of Wheatear and Willow Warbler at the Bill. Ferrybridge was its usual autumnal self with three Knot, three Sanderling and a Redshank among the lingering Terns. 

Quality over quantity was the order of the day in the nets ©Bryony Baker:

Ferrybridge is beginning to look distinctly autumnal with passing Knots and only a few remaining juvenile terns ©Pete Saunders: