26th June

The overnight thunderstorms had disappeared by the morning, but as the dawn broke thick fog rolled in entirely blocking the sea from view. The only bird shining through the fog was the lingering male Serin, singing at the top of the sallows in Culverwell before disappearing north as the fog eased. More signs that spring is ending and autumn is on its way were evident with 3 Lapwings in the Top Fields and a single Whimbrel past the Bill, as well as a Spotted Flycatcher trapped in the nets mid-morning.

It was another good day for Lepidoptera, with a fresh Large Tortoiseshell in Perryfield Quarry (not too far from the larvae-stripped elm at Church Ope Cove) an on cue highlight. The moth-traps were very busy, with immigrant highlights that included a Bright Wave at the Grove and a Marbled Grass-veneer Catoptria verellus.

An immigrant moth selection from last night - Marbled Grass-veneer, Scarce Oak Knot horn Acrobasis tumidana and Latticed Heath © Martin Cade: