19th July

On an otherwise largely rained off day Ferrybridge attracted provided most of the action that included good counts of 166 Common Terns and 122 Dunlin, with further variety there consisting of 2 Black-tailed Godwits and singles of Sanderling, Whimbrel and Little Gull. The combination of the rain and a fresh breeze looked to have some promise for the seawatchers but singles of Manx and Balearic Shearwater were all that could be mustered during the few spells that weren't spoilt by limited visibility.

Ferrybridge rarely disappoints in the rain and today's mix of terns and waders provided a compelling spectacle. The Little Gull was thought to be the third different individual present there in recent days © Pete Saunders (settled) & Debby Saunders (flying):

Black-tailed Godwits have either got a lot more regular at Ferrybridge in recent years or the coverage there has improved and their often brief appearances are being picked up more often © Pete Saunders: