20th July

With a brisk and ever-freshening wind always a feature coverage of the land was pretty limited and largely fruitless, with singles of Common Sandpiper, Yellow-legged Gull and Wheatear at Hamm Beach, 15 Dunlin and a Whimbrel at Ferrybridge and a trickle of hirundines through at the Bill all that could be mustered. Surprisingly, the sea wasn't much better with 23 Common Scoter through off the Bill the only obvious movers.

After yesterday's post-storm disappointment on the moth front there were welcome signs that just a few immigrants had indeed crossed the Channel. A Scarce Marsh Pearl Psammotis pulveralis at the Obs was the only real rarity, but among the routine species there were increases to, for example, 25 Diamond-back Moth, 16 Rusty-dot Pearl and 9 Silver Y at the Obs; 3 Small Mottled Willow scattered about the middle of the island were the first for a while.

With just 3 previous records (involving 4 individuals) Scarce Marsh Pearl is a pretty high value rarity at Portland © Martin Cade:

Chalkhill Blues are now on the wing in hundreds at favoured sites; these females were at Westcliff today © Ken Dolbear: