30th October

A clearer day with a more conspicuous easterly breeze was quieter all round until mid-afternoon when a Daurian Shrike was discovered at Verne Common; sadly, it proved frustratingly difficult to pin down and was seen only once more before dusk. The Dusky Warbler remained in a private garden at Southwell and the Serin from nine days ago made a surprise reappearance around the Bill, but oddity-wise the only others reports were of the Siberian Lesser Whitethroat still at the Obs and a single Yellow-browed Warbler at the Craft Centre. Among the less regular migrants Black Redstarts were scattered everywhere (far from comprehensive coverage came up with more than 25) and 2 Merlins and singles of Little Egret, Woodlark, Mistle Thrush and Firecrest were at the Bill. The common migrant tally included 840 Starlings north over Blacknor but little else of particular note amongst the thinnish spread of expected fare. 

The cooler, breezier conditions saw moth numbers take a dip: the 14th Radford's Flame Shoulder of the autumn was a notable capture at the Obs, but the immigrant tally there otherwise consisted of just 59 Rusty-dot Pearl, 17 Rush Veneer, 5 Silver Y, 3 each of Diamond-back Moth and Pearly Underwing, and singles of Dark Sword Grass, Pearly Underwing and Clancy's Rustic.

Many thanks to Bruce Park for allowing up to grab a quick back of the camera record photo of the shrike to post here - with any luck it'll appear again but if it doesn't we'll try and nick Bruce's original photos later in the week. Although initially put out as a generic 'Isabelline' Shrike, we can't see this being anything other than a first-winter Daurian Shrike: