18th November

The continuing easterly wind again paid dividends on the migrant front with a pretty respectable tally for mid-November. The Hoopoe remained in the Southwell/Suckthumb Quarry area, but the day's only other oddity was a Yellow-browed Warbler that made a brief early morning visit to the Obs garden. The list at the Bill included a mix of lingerers/new arrivals amongst which 31 Lapwings, 5 Black Redstarts, 3 Woodcocks, 3 Blackcaps, 2 Short-eared Owls, 2 Swallows and an Arctic Skua were of particular note; a Mistle Thrush at Weston Street, a Swallow at Barelycrates Lane, a Firecrest at Wakeham, the Black Guillemot off Portland Castle and a scatter of 8 Black Redstarts were the best of the bunch elsewhere.

Hoopoe - Avalanche Road, 18th November 2014 © Pete Saunders