28th October

The day's most unexpected sightings were of shorts and t-shirts replacing the winter garb as the temperature continued to soar. Two new Yellow-browed Warblers at the Obs aside the conditions weren't great for any sort of arrival on the ground but there were again numbers overhead, with 900 Wood Pigeons, 170 Stock Doves and a good variety of other routine fare over Southwell and 200 Skylarks, 4 Merlins and 4 Woodlarks among a similar selection over the Bill. A bitsy sort of list of back-ups included a Black Redstart and the lingering Reed Warbler at the Bill, a Short-eared Owl and a Ring Ouzel at Southwell, another Black Redstart at Blacknor, 3 Firecrests at the Verne and the Black Guillemot still off Portland Castle.

Clouded Yellows and Painted Ladys were again reported in small numbers throughout the island, whilst a Hummingbird Hawk-moth showed up at the Bill. Immigrant moth activity continued to tick over at a low level, with 24 Rusty-dot Pearl, 4 Pearly Underwing, 2 Silver Y and singles of Diamond-back Moth, Rush Veneer and Delicate caught overnight at the Obs.

Black Guillemot - Portland Harbour, 28th October 2014 © Pete Saunders