27th August

Although there was a fair list of migrants to show - including at least one mobile Ortolan Bunting seen a couple of times at the Bill and an Osprey that flew past there during the evening - there was a feeling that perhaps the day didn't really live up to its potential after a brisk easterly wind had sprung up overnight and dawn was far from clear. Totals from the Bill/Southwell included 100 Wheatears, 50 each of Yellow Wagtail and Willow Warbler, 9 Spotted Flycatchers, 6 each of Tree Pipit and Redstart, 4 Pied Flycatchers and singles of Whinchat, Grasshopper Warbler, Reed Warbler and Firecrest, with a similar array in most other spots that got a visit; 14 Black-tailed Godwits and a Knot were the pick of the waders at Ferrybridge.

Immigrant moth interest remained at the ticking along level with, for example, 87 Rusty-dot Pearl, 26 Rush Veneer, 22 Silver Y, 4 Dark Sword Grass, 2 Diamond-back Moth and singles of Vestal and Scarce Bordered Straw caught overnight at the Obs.

Black-tailed Godwits, Firecrest and Pied Flycatcher - Ferrybridge and Southwell © Pete Saunders (Blackwits) and Debby Saunders (Firecrest and Pied Fly)